Tori Spelling Continues Career as a ‘Mompreneur,’ Shares Advice on Personal Style for Mothers

As the mother of four young children, you'd think Tori Spelling would barely have time to squeeze in another project — except, of course, she’s doing just that.

The 42-year-old actress has teamed up with fellow "mompreneur" Amy Brown to launch NOLAbles, a line of customizable, reusable and adjustable baby bottle and children’s cup labels. Their stylish new collection is certainly adorable, but the labels also keep track of names, feeding times, and even dietary instructions for parents on the go.

“As a mom, actress and entrepreneur, my inspiration comes from my kids!” said Spelling in an official release. “My NOLAbles by Tori Spelling baby bottle and children’s cup labels provide a practical and stylish solution for making sure my babies’ beverages stand out and contain all the information needed to make sure they get the right drink at the right time.”

Like Spelling, Brown is also a working mother of four who initially discovered how important it was to have a safe and simple bottle-labeling solution for her children once she returned to work after maternity leave. That's when NOLAbles, named after her oldest daughter Nola, was born.

But what inspired Spelling to team up with Brown? Fox News Magazine spoke with Spelling about her new venture, and even how she wants to follow in her late father’s footsteps.

FNM: Can you tell us what NOLAbles is all about?

TS: Most parents today utilize masking tape, permanent markers and sticky-notes to distinguish their child’s drink from another. This might be what a typical refrigerator at a day-care looks like:

TS: NOLAbles baby bottle and children’s cup labels were invented by a working mom who was looking for an attractive and reliable solution to safely identify her children’s drinks and avoid the spread of germs.

FNM: As a busy mom of four, what inspired you to launch this brand?

TS: I was inspired to launch this brand with a fellow mompreneur because whether you have one child or multiple children, germ management and organization are critical!

FNM: How is NOLAbles different from anything else that’s currently on the market?

TS: NOLAbles is unlike anything on the market because they are writeable, washable, reusable, and allow you to record all the important information needed to make sure your children’s drinks are not mixed up with others.  And, they are way cuter. They come in three or four packs, along with a dry erase marker to record all the important information for your child’s caregiver.

FNM: What’s a typical day like for you?

TS: This question makes me laugh, because with four children, there is no day that is "typical"! While there is a certain flow to our day with routines for mealtime, school, bath and bedtime, the kids always bring spontaneous moments of both joy and challenge. Dean and I work hard to fit our careers around our family time, which means we work when the kids are at school or asleep.

FNM: How do your children inspire you to become a better businesswoman?

TS: My children inspire me in so many ways. Right now, my kids are inspiring me to blend my role as mom with my role as businesswoman. Parenting constantly gives me ideas that fuel my need to create and invent. I’m working with several partners to develop solutions for busy mamas like myself. NOLAbles is one of those partnerships.

FNM: What was it like working with a fellow mom in launching NOLAbles?

TS: Working with Amy was a natural fit because we have so much in common. We both have four children: two girls, two boys. We are both wildly passionate about our babies and proud of the hard work we’ve invested in our careers. When we first met, we laughed and shared stories about the chaos of raising a young brood while also trying to maintain your career. My family is my first priority, so choosing business opportunities, like the NOLAbles partnership, is a natural fit at this time in my career. I love working with fellow mompreneurs to bring ideas to life and share solutions that have helped me along the way.

FNM: If you could back to that moment you had your first child, what advice would you give yourself as a first-time mom?

TS: I would tell first-time mama Tori, "Take a deep breath! It's gonna be a wild ride, but just know you got this! Trust your instincts above all other advice. And enjoy every moment, because it really does go by as fast as everyone says it does!" And then I would hug her. Every mama needs a hug, whether it's your first or fourth.

FNM: What are some creative ways parents can create fun activities, or even host a fun party for their children this summer?

TS: Summer is a great time to utilize nature. We love to go to local farmers markets on nice summer days. We have a budget, and the kids together as a team make decisions on what we bring home to prepare for meals for the week. The best fruits are ripe in the summer! Our family favorite, peaches, is a great example of a versatile family-friendly fruit the kids can have fun learning to cook and bake with. We make everything from a salad with sliced peaches and a peach balsamic dressing, to chicken with glazed peaches, to peach ice cream for dessert! We also work a lot with summer florals. Whatever is lovely and growing. We carefully take home flowers, herbs and other greenery. The kids enjoy putting out a giant quilt in the backyard and making flower crowns, wands and swords — all with just a few crafty items from your local craft store. Hours of fun!

FNM: When it comes to food, what’s one dish your children just can’t get enough of?

TS: Buttered noodles! I can't wait till we outgrow this phase. Every week, though, I try to give them a new twist on a fave dish. Last week I took their favorite noodles and incorporated some sweet sausage and a light creamy marinara sauce. They loved it!

FNM: What tips/tricks can you give for busy moms when it comes to style?

TS: Once we get all the kids ready to go out, there's hardly time for ourselves. Moms always put themselves last. But I think if you don't have time, there are a few things that can make your feel great and don't take too much time to do. A pop of lip color and a coat of mascara can make all the difference. It adds freshness to your face and makes you feel so much better — I have that one down to a science. In fact, I keep one of my favorite red lipsticks and mascara in the table right in our entry next to our keys with a small mirror. Saves even more time! And as far as clothes, there are small inexpensive touches that can totally take your look to the next level. Try a colorful or printed lightweight scarf, a pair of fun summery sunglasses, or a great colorful summer sandal. What I'm essentially saying is that pops of colors can not only alter your mood but your whole look.

FNM: What’s next for you?

TS: I definitely want to follow more in my dad’s footsteps and get more into producing. He loved to make television that entertained people. I love doing the same. I also have so many ideas that I want to share with other moms everywhere. I think of us as a community, and I want to be able to help continue getting our voices out there, in the marketplace, to meet all our needs.