The X Factor: Broadcast Pulled Off-Air as Demi Lovato Reveals Chosen Contestants

“The X Factor” fans were teased with major spoilers during the broadcast of the singing competition Wednesday night, due to technical difficulties, scheduling issues and the baseball rain delay, is reporting.

“It was a total f-up,” X Factor creator and record label giant Simon Cowell said on Twitter. "Have no idea what is happening to the schedule tonight. Have heard the whole episode will be shown next Tuesday," he added. "Sorry."

The competition, now in its pivotal rounds before the contestants begin performing live next week, was rescheduled to air next Tuesday at the same time as its rival “The Voice.”

Part of the “The X Factor” broadcast was aired in the East Coast markets around 8:40pm, but was pulled an hour later since the baseball game of the Major League Baseball's National League Championship Series, between the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants, was resuming after the rain had ceased.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, fans watching in the East Coast learned that pop princess Britney Spears and music executive L.A. Reid made cuts to their teams.

The broadcast was pulled in the midst of Demi Lovato’s revelations of who she is sending to the live auditions next week.

Last week the pressure was on as the 24 contestants left do all they can to impress the judges.

Spears brought the “Teens” to her Malibu pad and had them prove to her why they should remain in the competition.

The singer brought Black Eyed Peas’ frontman to help her choose the best talent: “he has such a fresh sound and he knows what the kids are listening to,” she said.

The “I’m a Slave for You” singer expressed her concern about the contestants in the “Teen” category being able to handle the pressure of show business.

“Very talented young girl,” said Spears about Carly Rose Soneclare, who blew her and away. “I’m just kind of scared that she may not be able to cope with the pressure of everything.”

On the other hand, felt that Soneclare would evolve from a caterpillar into a dragon as she gained experienced in the music industry. As for music executive L.A. Reid, who was disappointed in having to coach the “Over 25” singers, he brought teen superstar Justin Bieber with him and said he “was having a change of heart” in regards to wanting a different group.

J Biebs was torn with the idea of cutting two of the contestants, but Reid helped him reminding him what is at stake for the winner.

"If you had to go into your bank account and write a check for $5 million, would you give it to that guy?" asked Reid.

Jason Brock, Vino Alan and  David Correy nailed their performances impressing Reid and Bieber, while Daryl Black and Tate Stevens and Tara Simon, who was unaware of her pitch problems, might be in jeopardy to be sent home.

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