“Thank you Bolivia! Muchas, muchas gracias.”

This was the message “The Simpsons” sent to the hundreds of Bolivians who took to the streets earlier this month to demand the animated show be reinstated to their nightly TV programing.

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In a video posted on the show’s official Facebook page over the weekend, showed iconic images from the show of Springfield residents marching with lit torches followed by images of the march in La Paz.

At the end, the video says: “Thanks a lot to the educated mobs on Bolivian streets.”

Since it was posted on Friday, the video has been viewed more than 4.3 million times.

Nearly 2,000 Bolivians marched in three of Bolivia’s largest cities on Feb. 6 – many dressed in Bart and Homer masks – to demand the return of the beloved American cartoon after Unitel television network cut the show from its primetime slot.

“We want ‘The Simpsons’,” the demonstrators shouted and Unitel took notice.

Not only did it reinstate the show, they also increased its programming from 45 minutes a night to two full hours so that Bolivians can get their fill of the crazy antics of Springfield’s first family.

Local media reported that the demonstration was the first time there has been a mass protest by viewers who opposed a change in the television schedule.

EFE contributed to this report.

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