'The Big Bang Theory' Season 11, Episode 16 recap: The gang welcomes its newest member

With Bernadette’s due date finally here, the gang on “The Big Bang Theory” gets swept with baby fever as they prepare for a brand new member.

The first episode back after its mini break, “The Neonatal Nomenclature,” saw Bernadette eagerly awaiting midnight on her due date. Although she doesn’t feel any contractions and her water hasn’t broken, she’s eager to get in the car and get to the hospital.

“Today is my due date and this crap needs to end now,” she says.

Fortunately for Howard, he’s able to talk her out of going early. Even more fortunately for him, she reminds him that having sex is supposed to be a good way to induce labor. The following day he’s all smiles at work despite sharing the news that Bernadette is incredibly uncomfortable.

The rest of the gang pays the pregnant woman a visit and tries, in their own unique ways, to help the baby come along. Penny tries yoga, Raj attempts to hit a pressure point on her ankle and Leonard puts his foot in his mouth trying to talk to her, but none of it works. It’s not until Sheldon comes over armed with the world’s most complicated board game that the stakes get raised. Bernadette offers the child a pony if he comes out before she has to play the game.

It doesn’t work, but she’s rescued anyway when an angry Howard comes home with Amy. While they were at work, Amy let it slip that Bernadette had already decided to name the kid Michael, after her father. Howard not only hates that idea, he’s upset he wasn’t consulted. He’s reminded that she’s the one who sacrificed her body, career and spent months on bed rest, but agrees to brainstorm new names anyway. Sadly, they can’t come to a consensus.

They go to the group, which has come over at the request of Sheldon to play the game, but they’re of little help. However, it’s revealed that both Sheldon and Leonard have been thinking about their own children’s baby names, meaning that almost everyone has fatherhood on the brain.

As they chat, Bernadette finally goes into labor. As they drive to the hospital, the baby name debate continues. It’s not until hours later when the gang finds they’ve dozed off playing Sheldon’s relentless game that they’re able to call the hospital and hear the good news.

Baby Neil Michael Wolowitz has arrived. But, don’t think of it as a full compromise as the baby will go by Michael.

“I’m not going to argue with her," Howard says. "The kid’s head was the size of a cantaloupe."