‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: Sheldon learns to compromise

Whether it’s a ‘Dr. Who’ convention, a trip to the comic book store, playing ‘Lord of the Rings’ Risk or even just watching a movie with the director’s commentary turned on, the girls always get stuck doing what the guys want. After eight seasons, Penny has had enough and declares she and Amy will be running the show for a day, kicking off a surprisingly sweet ‘Big Bang Theory’ installment.

Of course deciding what to do doesn’t come easily. Can’t go horseback riding, Amy’s hips only open 22-degrees. Ice skating is out too, as her ankles are abnormally brittle. It isn’t until Sheldon suggests that the girls go shopping while he and Leonard sit in uncomfortable chairs holding their purses that a plan has been hatched.

It starts out easy enough, Sheldon displays plenty of patience, even though he has a wall full of panties directly in his line of sight. When the boredom begins to set in, Leonard and Sheldon are forced to confront every millennials greatest fear: no cell service. After playing a game of risk using an imaginary board and invisible dice, Leonard notes how well Sheldon has dealt with compromise that day. Sheldon shrugs it off; living with Leonard has gotten him used to compromise.

Leonard all but does a spit take and tries to maintain composure while Sheldon explains how difficult it can be to live with him. He then lists all the things he has to do just to maintain the peace. He’s not allowed to adjust the temperature of his apartment, whistle, wear shoes that might squeak or live with Penny. “You have no idea how much you inconvenience everyone around you,” he says.

Sheldon explains he’s more aware than Leonard realizes, commenting that he notices the eye rolls and the sarcastic comments made at his expense. He tells Leonard he should move in with Penny and begins to cry, before choking out “thank you for putting up with me.” This brings Leonard to tears as well, which causes them to come up with a new compromise. Sheldon suggests he live with Penny just one night a week and even will allow him to whistle. Provided he’s not home of course.

It’s a small moment, but a necessary one. After eight years, it’s nice to receive confirmation that Sheldon is aware of what goes on around and him and even strive toward change. He’s not the only one who shows growth, Penny realizes she is always the one who comes up with the plan and Amy just tags along. Amy explains it’s because if she ever found friends, she promised herself she’d do what they say. “I’m lucky you found me before a cult did,” Amy adds. The foursome end the day doing what Amy wants, basket weaving at a craft museum.

Raj spends the episode freaking out over a space probe he built nine years ago that is set to arrive at Pluto will return with usable data. “Space ice is no joke,” He explains to Howard. “I can’t even watch ‘Frozen’ anymore!”

Howard attempts to take his mind off of the probe, but is surprised when Raj suggests going to a Hindu temple. When Howard is surprised to learn a man of science can also be religious, Raj explains “we’re all part of an immense pattern” and that he find comfort in that. This comfort is short lived after someone accidently dings his car in the temple parking lot, prompting Raj to completely lose it. Luckily, his freak out is short lived, Howard informs him that the space probe was a success.