‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: Leonard goes back to school, Raj gets cut off

Most nerds dread the thought of going back to high school, but when Leonard gets asked to make an inspirational commencement speech at his New Jersey high school, he jumps at the chance. After all, is there any better way to show his old classmates just how far he’s come?

The gang offer their advice. Sheldon wants him to beware of the points on the graduation caps, Raj advises he bring a t-shirt cannon but the biggest consensus is that he should just not be boring.

Unfortunately, right before he and Penny are about to take off, the flight is cancelled due to bad weather.

Proving that growing up doesn’t always come naturally, Raj spends his rent money on a remote controlled helicopter, a move his father is none too pleased with.

As a result of his irresponsible spending, Raj’s father cuts him off financially, which considering his age, some would argue was a long time coming. Still as a grown child of divorce, he knows how to play the guilt game. Unfortunately it’s no use.

In an effort to prove he’s not a total fiscal failure, he heads to Howard’s to retrieve the copter and return it to the store. When he enters, he finds out Howard and Sheldon were working on calibrating the helicopter and finds it in a million little pieces. Raj totally freaks out.

Howard is confident they can fix it, but Bernadette has doubts. In the meantime, Raj resorts to calling his mother, insinuates that her ex-husband can no longer afford his allowance because of his “active social life” which prompts her to offer him double the money. This later leads to another call from Raj’s dad, where it becomes clear Raj knows exactly how to work the system. He gets his allowance back and promptly announces they don’t need to fix the mini helicopter, they can take a real helicopter to Vegas!

Still the guys are determined, even resorting to calling tech support. It eventually leads to the robot gaining a life of its own, flying all over the apartment, destroying everything in sight.

Without Leonard’s knowledge, Penny contacts the school and arranges for him to deliver his speech over Skype. She even heads to the party store to buy him a cap and gown for the occasion.

Unfortunately for Leonard, they only had a “Sexy Graduate” costume, which means our favorite nerd ends up showing a whole lot of leg.

“Short and sexy, thats my wheelhouse,” Leonard says after pulling the tiny gown from the bag.

The speech itself starts out generic, going on about the importance of education, but eventually he stops himself. Leonard admits he hated high school and recalls the bullying he faced. He remembers feeling like he didn’t exist and specifically calls out the kids who are working on science projects or playing the cello or still haven’t had their first kiss. Then he delivers a powerful message to the nerds in the room that the entire graduating class is sure to never forget.

“When people do notice you, they’ll find someone a lot cooler than they thought. For those of you popular in high school, well, it’s over. Sorry.” Leonard states plainly.