'The Bachelorette': Racial strife over Rachel?

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As fans of this season's "The Bachelorette" know, Rachel Lindsay is the franchise's first black star and her male cast is the most diverse ever.

And on Monday night's episode, a racially-tinged controversy appeared to be brewing between her black and white suitors.

Caucasian southern singer/songwriter Lee has been stirring the pot in the house and viewers saw his feud with black pro wrestler Kenny reaching full boil.

Episode four picked up where the show left off two weeks ago when another black competitor, Eric, was angry about other guys, especially Lee, talking about him behind his back.

"I didn't come here to make friends," Lee explained to the cameras.

He then rudely interrupted Kenny's private time with Rachel.

Dean, who is white, told the cameras that Lee only picked fights with "not the people he's used to seeing on a daily basis... from a cultural perspective."

When a producer asked what Dean meant, he replied, "You know exactly what I mean when I say that. The longer Lee sticks around the more everyone will be aware of his intolerance."

After Lee interrupted his chat with the Bachelorette, Kenny had words with him, saying, "You took advantage of our friendship to snake me to get more time with Rachel."

As Rachel heard their raised voices, Kenny accused Lee of being a liar.

Soon, Rachel was crying and appeared to feel the burden of her milestone "Bachelorette" stardom, mentioning "the pressures I feel about being a black woman. I don't want to talk about it….I did not want to get into all of this tonight."

Rachel worried that viewers were going to "judge me for the decisions I'm making, and that's a lot," she said, wiping away tears.

During the rose ceremony, despite bugging Rachel with their feud, both Lee and Kenny continued in the competition while Diggy, Bryce, and others were sent packing.

Rachel ordered her chosen guys "to leave the negativity and drama behind" and the mood got sunnier with a trip to a Hilton Head Island, South Carolina resort.

Rachel's one-on-one date with Dean was a huge success as they rode on a blimp and he showed her his tender side, telling her the sad story of his mother dying of breast cancer when he was just a teen.

Later, on a boat group date, the guys engaged in a push up contest and Kenny and Peter performed impromptu rap songs.

Attorney Josiah won a spelling bee held to show Rachel which guys were the most intelligent.

"Rachel saw that I am the man with the brains," Josiah said in celebration.

During Iggy's private time with Rachel, he warned her about Josiah's "false sense of bravado." Later, Iggy admitted to Josiah that he'd tattled on him.

Josiah noted that Iggy had previously dished about Eric.

"Iggy is like a gossip queen," Eric said, while Josiah claimed Iggy "shoots steroids in his nuts."

Lee told Rachel in their time together that he was a positive and genuine person. Rachel pointed out he had interrupted her chat with Kenny and Lee admitted he'd later had an argument with the wrestler.

The singer-songwriter then described Kenny as "aggressive" to Rachel.

Lee added to the cameras, "He's a ticking time bomb."

Rachel decided to get Kenny's side of the story and he was shocked Lee had gone behind his back to label him aggressive.

Kenny told Rachel that Lee was lying about him.

Later, Kenny said he'd spend most of his precious time with Rachel trying to convince her, "I’m not some kind of aggressive, dangerous human, which is absurd."

As the episode ended, Kenny took Lee aside as a "to be continued" message flashed on screen.

And a preview for next week's explosive two night episode showed that Kenny will wind up with a bleeding eye after he apparently has an epic battle with his nemesis Lee.