Taylor Swift unveils second '1989' song 'Out of the Woods'

Swift-tober is in full swing, and now we have a second song from Taylor's new album.

After teasing fans with a 30-second snippet of the track on Monday, Swift has now unveiled "Out of the Woods" in all its catchy, sing-a-long glory. You can hear a preview and purchase it below.

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Fans are already speculating that the song may have been written about Harry Styles. But don’t take our word for it: Taylor opened up about her inspiration for the song in a video posted to her YouTube page on Monday.

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    "This was a relationship where it was kind of living day to day, wondering where it was going, and if it was gonna go anywhere, if it was going to end the next day," Taylor, 24, said. "It was a relationship where you kind of felt you were never standing on solid ground. And that kind of a feeling brings on excitement, but also extreme anxiety, and kind of a frantic feeling of wondering."

    Swift gave us a hint about the track in her revealing Rolling Stone cover story last month. More specifically, she explained the line, "Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/Twenty stitches in a hospital room."

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    Confessing that she had been sent to the hospital after a snowmobile accident with an ex (presumably Mr. Styles), Swift revealed how she kept the incident out of the news.

    "You know what I've found works even better than an NDA?" she said. "Looking someone in the eye and saying, 'Please don't tell anyone about this."

    Speaking of NDAs, Swift's collaborator Antonoff told Rolling Stone that just being a part of Team Swift can be "terrifying."

    "Just having her songs on my hard drive makes me feel like I have Russian secrets or something," he said.

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    "Out of the Woods" is available now on iTunes while 1989 will be released in its entirety on October 27. What do you think of the new track? Hit the comments with your thoughts or join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #ETNow.