Sydney Leathers: Justin Moed's sexts 'a million times more shocking' than Anthony Weiner's

Sydney Leathers, infamous for bringing down Congressman Anthony Weiner, has snagged another politician in a sexting scandal. This time it’s Indiana Democratic lawmaker Justin Moed. Leathers spoke to FOX411 via Skype about the shocking sexts and why she attracts men in politics.

FOX411: You met Moed online when you were fishing for someone to financially dominate, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ style.  Do you feel like you entrapped him?

Sydney Leathers: I don’t feel like I entrapped him in any way.  I wasn’t tweeting, “Hey, politicians! I’m looking for someone to financially dominate.”  I didn’t even know who he was until well into it.  Until a few weeks into it.

FOX411: What was your reaction when you learned your sexting partner was a politician?

Leathers:  To go through that once is weird enough but the second time around was kind of unbelievable.

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FOX411: Were Moed’s sexts more shocking than Anthony Weiner’s?

Leathers:  A million times more shocking.  They made Weiner look very tame, vanilla and boring.

FOX411:  You say you began texting with Moed on February 4th and then stopped communication a month later.  Why did you stop corresponding with him?

Leathers: The NY Post has ran something not using his name that I had been talking to a politician so I just stopped talking to him and he didn’t say anything at the point so it was kind of obvious it was him.  He knew he had been caught I guess.

FOX411:  Were you surprised Moed issued a public apology once it leaked to the press?

Leathers:  In some ways it’s smart because it doesn’t let the media circus go on and on and on but in other ways, I guess he could have just denied it.  Other than some receipts as proof what did I really have but I guess he didn’t want to fight it.

FOX411:  The Indiana Democratic leadership says Moed broke no rules, and Moed is saying he won’t resign.  Do you think he should?

Leathers:  Well, here’s my thing.  He really didn’t do anything illegal.  Was he doing something stupid by sexting me of all people?  Of course.

FOX411:  Do you think you attract men in politics?

Leathers:  I have absolutely no idea.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m actually interested in politics, and that tends to surprise people.

FOX411:  You call yourself a part-time porn star – are you still doing it?

Leathers:   Umm yeah.  I don’t see anything wrong with that.  It’s easy way to make money to pay for school.  One scene can pay for over a semester of my college including my books and everything, so it’s just not something I feel any shame about.

FOX411:  You’re in school studying TV production and broadcasting.  Do you think you can get a normal job after all this?

Leathers: I do think I could.  If anything I can use it to my advantage. I have made a lot of connections with a lot of different media outlets obviously and I think people are surprised by the fact I’m very normal and I’m smarter than people expect me to be. And it doesn’t play into the whole “She’s an attention-whore” thing considering I really want to get into production and be behind the scenes.

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