Supermodel Heidi Albertsen: I was fat, bullied as a child

It’s hard to believe that Heidi Albertsen ever looked anything but stunning. But a childhood picture that Albertsen shared with’s A Healthy You, shows that she struggled with her weight as a child.

The blonde beauty also revealed she suffers from eczema, which added to her woes when she was growing up.

“I had a bad habit with eating [in high school],” she told “My parents were divorced. I don’t know exactly what got me to eat, but I definitely ate my feelings away, I think. And I was fat as a result.”

And her skin condition, which she has since figured out how to manage, made things worse.

“I was born with eczema, and when I was younger I didn’t know a lot about what food to eat so I was covered with it.”

She said she was bullied by the students at her high school and she finally decided she needed to make some changes to her diet and lifestyle.

“It sort of got to me in my core,” Albertsen said. “I knew something had to change because I just couldn’t live with the pain of, you know, being fat and being told I was fat and being made fun of.”

She began eating more vegetables and working out, and eventually she shed the pounds.

“I entered a modeling competition with Elite Models and I had no idea really about anything in fashion,” Albertsen said.

But she won the competition regardless. And she said now, as a supermodel, she still adheres to the strict diet and lifestyle changes she put into place in high school.

“I’ve learned that if you are on a special regimen, and you take care of yourself and if you sometimes you fall off [the diet] you pay the price.”