'Straight Outta Compton' actor arrested for making terroristic threats, says report

R. Marcos Taylor, who was charged with assault earlier this month after a restaurant brawl at a New Jersey restaurant, was also reportedly arrested a day earlier after making terroristic threats at a local bank.


TMZ reported Thursday the “Straight Outta Compton” actor reportedly lashed out at TD Bank on Aug. 8 after trying to fix a problem with a bank card.

A witness told the celebrity gossip site Taylor threatened an employee and allegedly said, “I will f--king kill you.”

Police were called to handle the enraged actor, but when they arrived, he squared off in a fighting stance. He was then subdued with pepper spray and arrested. TMZ added he was charged with terroristic threats, obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct.

Taylor was arrested again the following day and was charged with multiple accounts of assault for punching two people at an Italian restaurant after an argument with the manager.

His lawyers told TMZ he didn’t punch or kick anyone, and only tossed an employee out of self-dense.

Back in May, the New York Daily News reported Taylor was arrested for an alleged assault involving a security guard at a Miami hotel.