Rock icon Steven Tyler has revealed a few of his past mistakes, including upsetting his daughter, Liv Tyler, when he once hit on Cameron Diaz and admitting to the crazy amount of coke he has done in his lifetime.

On Thursday's episode of the "Late Late Show host James Corden," Tyler was forced to "spill his guts" during Corden's live game where the celebrity has to choose between eating an un-appetizing group of food, from cow's tongue to bird saliva, or answer a tell-all question about themselves.

During the game, Corden asked the rock legend if he had ever hit on any of his daughter's friends.

Tyler then said, "Yes I have. And I got a lot of s--- for it too."

He went on to explain that while he was once seated next to Cameron Diaz, who is now married to Benji Madden, he said, "Cameron, should you ever need someone to take you to the movies or you know, like, if I was to, you know, ask you to show me around London."

Not amused by his behavior, Liv turned to her father and said, "'Daddy, you're hitting on my best girlfriend!' And I got ashamed for a moment.'"

Later on, The Aerosmith frontman admitted that he had spent  "about $2 million" on drugs in his lifetime, revealing that most of the money he spent on cocaine. "I snorted half of Peru," he said.

The rocker, who has been in rehab several times since 1983, had no problem talking about this past drug addiction, but when it came down to ranking his band members in order of talent, Tyler reluctantly chose to take a bite of the cow intestine in front of him.

Before taking a bite of the intestine, the rocker said, "I got to go on tour with these guys. It's bad enough the s--- I say to them."