Stephen Colbert slammed for claims Trump didn't meet with Hurricane Harvey victims

Stephen Colbert took a swipe at President Trump for failing to visit with victims of Hurricane Harvey. The only problem? Trump did meet with several storm victims.

Colbert's CBS late night show returned Tuesday night after a two week break and the star didn't miss a beat when it came to complaining about Trump.

"It was a presidential trip to a deluged state where the president didn't meet a single storm victim, see an inch of rain or get near a flooded street," Colbert said during his opening monologue.

He added a vulgar joke telling a laughing audience, "He's been closer to a flood in a Russian hotel room."

Colbert was referring to Trump's August 29 visit to Corpus Christi, Texas which is more than three hours away from Houston. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump kept his distance from the devastation to avoid disrupting recovery efforts.

"The president wants to be very cautious about making sure that any activity doesn't disrupt the recovery efforts that are still ongoing," she said at the time.

Colbert did bring up Trump's second visit four days later, but failed to mention the president met with many victims.

A rep for Colbert did not return Fox News' request for comment.

Several people took to Twitter to blast Colbert for his monologue.

"Stephen Colbert is a stupid p---k and should not be on television," one person tweeted.

This is hardly the first time Colbert has gotten into trouble for remarks he's made about Trump. In May, a social media campaign for CBS to fire Colbert began after the 53-year-old made a joke about Trump that many fans called "homophobic."