Stephanie Pratt's boyfriend claims officer whose foot he ran over with Ferrari is faking injuries, report says

Stephanie Pratt’s boyfriend, who appears to be caught on video running over the foot of a police officer, says the cop is faking his injuries, according to a report from TMZ.

Sources close to Julien Chabbott, 28, a social media entrepreneur who is dating former “Hills” star Stephanie Pratt, say he is adamant that he did not illegally park his car, as the officer accused. Instead, he said that his $260,000 Ferrari was parked in the no-parking zone by a valet and that he was extremely “frustrated” that the officer was painting him as the bad guy, TMZ reports.

Chabbott also reportedly does not believe the cop was injured after Chabbott ran his Ferrari tire over the cop's foot. He is said to have cited the video that shows the cop appearing to be fine as he walked over to the driver’s side door and alleges that he does not begin to limp until he is aware that other cops are watching, TMZ reports.

But the video shows the cop calling out to Chabbott to “Stop, stop” before he ran over his foot as he was writing the ticket.

The officer, whose name is Felix Recio, suffered injuries to his left foot and his right hand, and was hospitalized for treatment, TMZ reports.

Recio claims that Chabbott was complaining about his ticket and jumped back in the car and began to drive away, even after he was ordered to remain on the sidewalk.

Chabbott also reportedly attempted to grab the officers memo book, according to the New York Post.

Recio pulled Chabbott from the car and threw him on the ground to handcuff him, telling him he assaulted a police officer.

Chabbott has since been charged with felony assault and misdemeanor obstruction with governmental-administration, TMZ reports.