'Sleepy Hollow' star Orlando Jones helping churches in North Carolina

Orlando Jones continues to entertain fans as Frank Irving on FOX’s “Sleepy Hollow” while simultaneously amusing them on Twitter with his constant live tweeting throughout each episode. Jones talked to FOX411 about connecting with fans, the complexities of his now back-from-the-dead character, what’s coming up in the final two episodes of Season 2, and the show’s featured historical figures.

FOX411: Your character is battling an “evil” Frank… so tell me how much fun it’s been for you to be able to play this kind of range with a variety of “Franks”?

Orlando Jones:  I think it’s simpler. I think he’s still battling for his family. He’s still battling for the opportunity to see them again. He’s actually had that opportunity, not so much his daughter, but his wife. And I think he’s still ultimately battling evil except this battle is obviously far more internal. In the sense that he is conflicted in himself. The devil is on one shoulder, the angel is on the other shoulder, and he’s doing the best he can. So it’s fun to play because it’s such a cool role and new crazy stuff is in store, we have two more episodes left.

FOX411: Will we be seeing more historical figures?

Jones: There are always historical figures. I’m pretty sure last week, Jefferson showed up. So Ichabod and Jefferson (phone rings) were giggling and smiling at each other. In fact, I think this is Jefferson now. Hold on one sec (answers) Hey, listen Thomas I know you’re back from the dead and all but I’m in an interview talking about the show. Call Ichabod, he’ll fill you in, alright, goodbye. Thomas Jefferson is calling me all the time, so annoying…

FOX411: Well, you’re very popular.

Jones: Thank you.

FOX411: They always kick things up for the finale, always the most intense so, we can expect that again?

Jones: I’ve died and come back… Abbie was in purgatory beginning of this season and she’s out.  So there’s a lot of craziness going on, but I think the finale will surprise and delight some and infuriate others as that is the way it works.

FOX411: The set (Wilmington, NC) has become home for you, so tell us about stand-up comedy shows you’re doing in the area and other work you have going on?

Jones: I’m having a really good time doing a bunch of stand-up around the area which is a lot of fun. Also, there are a number of churches in the area that have building funds and need new choir robes so one of the things I’m enjoying in the off-season is raising money for those institutions because they do so much to help the community and often don’t get a lot of support. So, a lot of fun to do that, and doing “Sunday Funnies” is what we call it, and you know, just sort of settling into the North Carolina community as a new resident...

FOX411: How many tweets do you think you send out per episode?

Jones: Several hundred easily because I’ll do the east coast often and the west coast as well… yeah usually you know, a hundred and fifty, hundred and seventy five on a Monday night.

FOX411: What is your favorite part of that fan interaction?

Jones: You’re retweeting, you’re responding, it’s awesome because it’s a fun time. We all really are having a great time watching the show and we’re laughing and you know we’re all cracking jokes about different stuff and talking about what’s going to happen next. They often have incredible ideas and there’s fan art and there are other stories being written about these characters with fan fiction so it’s an exciting universe.

“Sleepy Hollow” airs Monday nights on FOX.