‘Silver Spoons’ cast 30 years later: Where are they now?  

For five seasons on TV, from 1982 to 1987, “Silver Spoons” brought us the antics of adorable Ricky Stratton and his wealthy “kid at heart” father, Edward Stratton III. In the classic formula of role reversal between parent and child, Ricky teaches his immature dad to be a grown-up while the latter teaches him how to be a kid. Our friends at Snakkle.com took a look at where the beloved actors of the show ended up, 30 years later.

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Ricky Schroder as Richard "Ricky" Bluedhorn-Stratton
Before catapulting to child stardom in “Silver Spoons,” Schroder made his acting debut at the age of 9 in the 1979 remake of the boxing film “The Champ,” for which he won a Golden Globe Award for Best New Male Star--and he still holds the title of youngest Globe winner. He went on to star in a few minor films before getting his big break playing Ricky Stratton on “Silver Spoons.”

Rick Schroder NOW
Despite a few wrinkles here and there, Ricky - now “Rick”- Schroder still looks like the baby-faced kid he used to be. Since the end of “Silver Spoons,” Rick has done more serious TV roles in shows such as “NYPD Blue” and “24.” In 2003, he returned to comedy and appeared on “Scrubs” as Nurse Paul Flowers, before making his directorial debut with the 2004 film “Black Cloud” about a Navajo boxer. His latest project is another Western-themed film that he wrote, directed and also starred in called “Wild Hearts.”

Erin Gray as Kate Summers Stratton
Following a successful modeling career, Erin Gray tried her hand at acting and starred in a few films and TV shows—most notably as the super sexy Colonel Wilma Deering in the sci-fi series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.” She then before landed the role of Kate Summers, Edward’s eye-candy and assistant, on “Silver Spoons” who later became his wife and Ricky’s step-mom.

Erin Gray NOW
After “Silver Spoons,” Gray went on to star in a handful of sci-fi and horror movies (including the “Friday the 13th” franchise) before becoming a Tai Chi instructor and casting agent. She currently owns a talent agency, Heroes for Hire, which specializes in casting sci-fi and fantasy actors.

Jason Bateman as Derek Taylor
Back when he was just getting into acting, Jason Bateman got a role as a supporting character on the ‘80s sitcom “Silver Spoons.” He played Derek Taylor, Ricky Stratton’s “bad boy” friend from military boarding school.

Jason Bateman NOW
Though he eventually got his own show (“It’s Your Move,” which only lasted one season), it wasn’t until Bateman hit his teens when he achieved star status with his role in “The Hogan Family” as David Hogan. Jason hit a lull in his career until 2003, when he was cast in the critically acclaimed TV series “Arrested Development.” Since then, Jason has enjoyed a steady acting career, appearing in films such as “Hancock,” “Up In The Air,” “The Switch,” and “Couples Retreat.”

PHOTOS: See all 16 pics in “Where Are The Now ‘Silver Spoons’ Cast - 30 Years Later”