Should Jen Aniston change her last name to Theroux when she gets married?

To change your famous name, or not to change your famous name? That is the question when famous single ladies get hitched.

Kim Kardashian debated changing her last name when she married Kris Humphries, but decided not to.

Good decision. The marriage lasted 72 days.

Beyonce Knowles did not change her name. Heidi Klum did not change he name. Although her one-named husband, Seal, didn't really have one to change to.

But now Jennifer Aniston  -- more famous than all of them combined! – may be one of the few celebrities to do things the old fashioned way, as she is rumored to be considering the name Mrs. Jennifer Theroux.

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So is this a sign of true love, or the dumbest business decision ever?

“Well, 93 percent of American women change their last name when they get married, but it’s not so easy for celebrities," Jamie Krauss of Narrative Group PR, told FOX411's In the Zone. "When you’re a celebrity you spend your entire career creating a brand. You have fan loyalty. You might have licensing with that name... your social media channels, your Twitter handle. So you’ve really created brand equity. It’s not that easy to change."

Maxim magazine's editor-in-chief Dan Bova agrees.

“I think changing your last name to your husband’s is the kiss of death in Hollywood," he said. "If you’ve put all this time and energy into building your brand and building up their name don’t change it. Look at New Coke. When they changed it to New Coke it was disaster. Stick with Coke.”

And history has shown that celebrity marriages have a short shelf life.

“We’ve seen a lot of famous celebrities add their husband’s (name)," said Krauss. "Courtney Cox-Arquette, Rebecca Romjin-Stamos, Eva Longoria-Parker. Let’s note none of these ladies are still married to those men. So, you have to go through an entirely new re-brand then if you get divorced.”

Just ask Katy Perry.

“When she married Russell Brand, she became Katy Brand and her fans really didn’t like that, and then they ended up divorcing, so she went back to Katy Perry," said senior editor Chloe Melas. "So fans obviously love these celebrities, and they’re devoted to them, but with the back and forth, it gets a little exhausting.”

Luckily for Jen, Maxim's Bova has a creative solution.

“I recommend if Jennifer Aniston wants to do that in private, she can call herself Jennifer Bova," he offered. "I’d be fine with that, that’s totally fine, just don’t tell my wife.”