‘Scandal’ recap: Going out with a bang

“Run away with me Liv, save me.”

These are the words Jake uses to plead with Olivia as a way for the two of them to escape their fate. He, as the head of the immoral B613, and she as the president’s mistress. While things get hot and heavy immediately after this proposition, Liv denies him -- a decision with deadly consequences.

David brings all the intel on the murder of Daniel Douglas to a stunned Olivia. She immediately goes to Cyrus, who doesn’t deny it. He begs her to keep quiet, reminding her that if the president’s wife and chief of staff go to jail, there’s no way Fitz would win the election.

Still, Olivia refuses to make the same mistakes as the last election, saying she wants to run a “clean campaign.”

“I want to walk into the light and see the sun on my face. Cyrus, you're on your own," she says.

To David’s disappointment, Olivia doesn’t plan on exposing the murder, but only refuses to cover it up. When David brings up taking down Sally on his own, Abby dissuades him, citing his safety as her main concern.

David may not have to worry for long, as Sally is intent on making a confession.

Fresh off a night of fantasizing about a normal life, Jake meets with Cyrus, who asks him to kill Sally. Jake refuses, informing him that his job as Command is to protect the republic, not the president. Cy is quick to remind him that his predecessor would have agreed to do the job.

Jake walks into B613 the next day, only to be cut down by Quinn, who isn’t pleased with her job as a glorified receptionist after proving herself in the field. She’s quick to point out that whatever he has with Olivia, isn’t real.

“I bet she’s got you thinking you’re part of her family, a good little gladiator, earning Liv’s love. If you believe that, you don’t know Olivia Pope at all,” she says.

Cyrus reaches out to Liv again, begging her to help him stop the debate. She agrees to meet with Sally, who tells her that the only way she can ever get back in God’s good graces is to confess.

"Without him, without the sign of his love, I am worse than dead," Sally explains.

Sally may have been talking about God, but that sentence only brought one person to mind for Olivia. Via phone call, she spills the beans to Fitz. If they really want to win the election, Fitz needs to throw the debate. To keep the secret buried, Sally needs her sign from God.

Jake shows up at Olivia’s apartment. He wants to leave the people they’ve become behind for good, to run away and “stand in the sun.” However, she doesn’t have to answer, he already knows that Liv has made her choice and it’s Fitz.

Freshly spurned, Jake gives Quinn an assignment worthy of her. The ex-gladiator breaks into Pope and Associates, cracks the safe and leaves with the info on Daniel Douglas’ murder.

The debate is tense as Olivia, Cyrus and Bergen watch from the sidelines. Once it looks like Sally is about to break, Fitz makes his move. He cuts her off mid-sentence with a remark about his corrupt morals, giving Sally the “sign” she needed. It’s a good thing too because Jake had a sniper aiming at Sally, preparing to shoot should she confess.

A defeated Fitz doesn’t seem happy to see Olivia when she enters the Oval Office. She puts his fantasies of their life together in Vermont to rest.

“This isn't how I want it to be, how either of us want it to be. This what it is. Lets stop pretending, lets just be here," she insists.

Olivia and Fitz aren’t alone with their acceptance of an unhappy ending. Cyrus discovers the bug James planted in his office. He quietly confronts his husband at home.

"You shouldn't have to pay for my mistakes James, do whatever you want with me, with us. I'm in your hands. Just know, I'm so very sorry and that I love you," he says.

James recieves a text to meet David, who is waiting on a dark street corner with the reporter Publius had contacted and the NSA employee who leaked the phone call. James explains his reluctance to out Cyrus, when David explains he wasn’t the one to call the meeting. Two bullets are fired and both women drop dead.

James and David, covered in blood spatter stare up at the shooter.

Turns out, Jake has accepted who he is too and he’s no gladiator.

He raises his gun, firing one final shot.

Who took the bullet?

Tune in next week to find out.

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