Samantha Hoopes' 'Pilgrim Vibes,' Gwyneth Paltrow's Family Feast, and Much, Much More

Here's what's on our radar:

• Sports Illustrated model Samantha Hoopes sent her Instagram followers some "pilgrim vibes" over Thanksgiving, sharing a photo of herself wearing a large black hat like the ones our forefathers wore (above). In keeping with the theme, she also looks to be wearing a tiny white swimsuit like the ones our forefathers would've exiled her for wearing.

• Speaking of Carl's Jr. spokeswomen, Charlotte McKinney recently named her biggest turn-off in an interview with FNM, and says she feels so strongly that she'll actually "leave a date" if it happens. Find out what it is in the video below, because despite what you're thinking, it's not "people who act like drooling idiots around me." So you might still have a chance!

• Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly signed on to direct a movie called "Project Delirium," to be based on the U.S. military's experiments with LSD in the 1960s. It will be her first-ever time directing a film, but if history is any indication, we're betting it will lead straight to her third-ever time falling down at the Oscars.

• As evidenced by a photo she shared on Instagram, Gwyneth Paltrow and her ex Chris Martin put aside their differences to spend Thanksgiving with their children Apple and Moses (below). Granted, they look like they couldn't be standing further away from each other, but they were still technically together nonetheless:

• Kevin Bacon has reportedly signed on to star in a new TV series based on his 1990 film "Tremors," which was about large carnivorous worms attacking a small Nevada town. The show's writers might need to update that premise, though, because we're currently living in a world where nobody bats an eye at shark-infested tornadoes.

• A Skye Terrier named Good Time Charlie was declared Best in Show at the American Kennel Club's National Dog Show on Thursday. He's the first-ever Skye Terrier to earn the prestigious honor, as well as the first-ever winner to share a nickname with your philandering ex-husband Chuck.

• Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan is claiming that he "went to the other side" after his near-fatal car accident last year, but returned to the mortal plane because God still had "something for [him] to do" on Earth. Morgan didn't say what that "something" was, but judging by his most recent jokes, we're guessing his new mission is to get absolutely everyone pregnant.

• And finally, an ominous new TV spot for the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" debuted on Thanksgiving, and it focuses largely on a villainous new character named Kylo Ren (below). So there goes our theory that the new "Star Wars" movie would finally be the romantic comedy that this franchise so desperately lacks.