Sadie Robertson: '5 seconds of awkward can save you from a lifetime of regret'

Sadie Robertson is offering her advice on how to save yourself from a lifetime of regret.

The "Duck Dynasty" star said her cousin advised her to take a 5-second pause before making certain choices you may later come to regret.

"If a guy or your boyfriend, or a girl, and she's your girlfriend, and they want to go farther than you want to go in your relationship," Robertson said in her latest YouTube video. "Just say no. Talk to them about it."

Robertson said she knows "it's going to be awkward" as she has had that conversation before.


"It's an awkward conversation but it can save you from a lifetime of regret."

Other ways Robertson said her five second rule also applies to being pressured into drinking or getting into a car with someone who has been drinking. It also applies to letting someone know you're not interested in hearing gossip.

"Let [God] lead," she said. "God will speak to you...he'll give you eyes to see and ears to hear."

She concluded, "Stand strong people and live original."