Sacha Baron Cohen spills ashes of Kim Jong Il on Ryan Seacrest on Oscar red carpet


Outfitted extravagantly as "The Dictator," the character he plays in the upcoming film of the same name, Sacha Baron Cohen made a mess of the Oscars' red carpet Sunday night.

More specifically, he ruined E! host Ryan Seacrest's tuxedo.

After initially being dis-invited by the academy, for some reason, Baron Cohen was allowed to attend the ceremony acting as the kind of Moammar Gadhafi parody he plays in his upcoming film. As expected, he brought his unique brand of publicity stunt and method comedy.

Flanked by two flower girls, he jokingly claimed to be carrying the ashes of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, whose face was displayed on the container.

In an interview with Seacrest, he claimed it was Jong Il's dream "to be sprinkled over the red carpet and over Halle Berry's chest." Then, as Seacrest was bending down, he spilled the ashes over Seacrest's tuxedo.

Even the preternaturally cool Seacrest looked shaken as he attempted to dust himself off.

As security -- real security -- muscled Baron Cohen away, Seacrest attempted to cut to commercial, but his E! colleagues sought to milk the incident. And for good reason. It quickly became the most-chatted about topic on Twitter, where commentators eagerly lapped up the rare breach in decorum at the Academy Awards.

Said Seacrest: "Anything can happen and it most certainly did, all over my lapel."

- The Associated Press contributed to this report.