'Roseanne' Episode 6 recap: Jackie finally confronts her relationship with her mother

After it was revealed that Roseanne and Jackie’s mother was kicked out of her nursing home, the sisters had to figure out who would take care of the old woman in the latest episode of “Roseanne.”

The episode opens with the sisters having breakfast at the Conner household. Beverly comes downstairs and immediately starts complaining about her accommodations. It turns out Roseanne has moved Darlene and her kids into one room to make room for her mom. Still, Beverly is upset about the noise and her lumpy mattress.

“But I grew up in the depression, so I’m not a complainer,” she says. “But this is worse.”

Dan comes in and suggests that Jackie, with her spare bedroom, take in Beverly. Jackie, however, absolutely hates her mom meaning that, despite the discomfort, Roseanne is stuck with her. That doesn’t fly, and the older sister manages to convince Jackie to swap custody weekly.

Meanwhile, Dan is in the living room working on some plans for a drywalling job he took on from the neighbor. Mark comes downstairs and asks if he can help. Dan says that part of the job is a new birdhouse and offers to let Mark build it based on his instructions. Later, Mark unveils the birdhouse to Darlene and Dan.

He’s build something colorful with an incredibly complicated design. His mom is happy that he’s being creative, but Dan is upset that he’ll have to redo it. Darlene is frustrated, but Dan notes that he wasn’t asked to be creative, he was asked to do a job.

Back at Jackie’s apartment, her mother is settling in and criticizing the place top-to-bottom. In her defense, she has a few good points. For one, Jackie’s marzipan village project and single chair in front of the TV are off putting to visitors. She suggests that she’ll never be able to hold a man with a place like that.

In an act of frustration, Jackie suggests her life would be better off without her mother. The next morning, she wakes up to find that Beverly had rearranged all her furniture and vanished. She and Roseanne quickly get a call from Becky, who says she’s taking Beverly in and is appalled by her mom and aunt’s disrespect. Her confidence in her decision waivers once she realizes Beverly is broke, but sticks with it.

Later that day, Mark comes downstairs to present Dan and Darlene with “the most boring birdhouse,” revealing that he built another according to Dan’s plans. While his grandfather is pleased, Darlene gives him a pep talk about never losing his creativity and conforming to everyone else.

In the kitchen, Becky comes in to deliver some rough news to Jackie and Roseanne. Beverly is back at her place having sex with a very old man. The duo go over to kick her out and meet their mom’s boyfriend, Lou. Beverly agrees to go, but says that they need to figure out who will take her in as this will be her third move in almost 24 hours. Roseanne and Jackie fight, prompting Roseanne to leave.

When Jackie re-enters the bedroom, she finds her mom preparing to jump out the window. She assumes that it’s all an act, which it might be. Beverly, however, is playing hardball and continues to crawl out the window. Jackie, despite her hatred for her mom, realizes in the moment that she can’t let her die. Given her status as a life coach, she feels she needs to figure out the toxic relationship she has with her mom.

The episode ends with Jackie finally agreeing to take her mom into her apartment full-time.