Ronda Rousey lost her fight to Holly Holm on Saturday night—even though she confidently professed time and time again that she would win. Now that Rousey has been defeated, will she still be as sought after for major cameos and acting jobs?

Rousey has had roles in several movie— “The Expendables 3,” “Furious 7,” and “Entourage.” She is also set to star in a reboot of “Road House.” Kate Delaney, radio show host, doesn’t see this recent loss as a Hollywood road block for Rousey.

“If you saw her in ‘Entourage’ she did a pretty good job in it and of course the reason she was there is because she was undefeated, but she is so much deeper than that,” Delaney told FOX411. “There are so many more layers to her than there are to Holm and not to take anything away from that fight, but they will have a rematch and I think Ronda will win that— and I don’t think the in-between time will take away from her bankability.”

However, Ryan McCormick of Goldman McCormick PR believes that only if Rousey is still able to connect with her fans, she can continue her Hollywood career.

"Rousey's defeat has taken away the long held perception that's she's invincible,” he explained. "Minus that 'magic aura' it may very well impact her celebrity status in the brief short term however; it should not diminish from public mindset all that she has previously accomplished. If Rousey's ability to connect with fans remains intact, she may very well have a long career ahead of her both in & out of the ring."

Bonnie Fuller of Hollywoodlife, doesn’t see a loss as something to deter Rousey from maintaining her celebrity status.

"Ronda Rousey won't lose any status after her loss to fighter Holly Holm,” she said. “Yes, she'll be sought over for cameos and acting jobs, but she may choose to pass on many opportunities while she focuses on her extensive training. My bet is that Ronda will be relentless in preparing for a rematch with Holly, and winning back her reigning crown."

And Kyle Harvey, Deputy Editor at Slant News even suggests the possibility of Rousey heading to Hollywood a whole lot sooner now that she lost.

“Rousey already had career opportunities on the table prior to her defeat,” he said. “If anything, she might jump to Hollywood earlier now that her fight mystique has worn off. Her public love for the WWE, may make an appearance at next year's WrestleMania all the more a reality”