Robert Herjavec's rep says 'sex dungeon' claims are 'ridiculous'

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On Thursday, the National Enquirer published what they deemed to be a “bombshell exclusive interview” with a supposed ex-girlfriend of “Shark Tank” star Robert Herjavec, which claims he brought his alleged ex to visit a "sex dungeon." The star's rep is calling the report "ridiculous."

The woman, Danielle Vasinova, claimed to the tabloid that she dated Herjavec and he only broke up with her once he began his relationship with now-fiancée Kym Johnson. Vasinova alleges Herjavec took her to a “sex dungeon” in Los Angeles.

The magazine published a photo of a man they claim is Herjavec blindfolded and wrapped in black straps. A woman is leaning over the man in the blurry photo.

A rep for Herjavec told FOX411 the woman has been trying to get her story to the press for some time.

“This woman has been trying to sell this ridiculous story and extort money from Robert Herjavec for over a year,” the rep stated. “The appropriate authorities have been alerted.”