'Rehab Addict's' Nicole Curtis speaks out amid lawsuit: I was 'threatened and harassed'

Nicole Curtis is firing back following news she is being sued by the city of Minneapolis over a house she purchased for $2.

The "Rehab Addict" star took to Facebook to say she has been "threatened and harassed" over her work in Minneapolis.

"I fight for the underdog," Curtis wrote Thursday night. "Always have, always will...and for the past two years, I was threatened and harassed regarding our work in Minneapolis."

The city alleged in its suit, filed in January, that Curtis "failed to redevelop the property," failed to "substantially complete minimum improvements," "failed to pay real estate taxes" and "failed to maintain the required insurance." The city said they sent "a notice of default under the contract on July 27, 2016" and is now asking the court to return the property to the city.


But Curtis said she she took on the project to save taxpayers' money as the property was facing demolition after being abandoned for two decades.

"There is no financial gain for me to complete [the home], but I took the house on so that it would not be demolished," she wrote. "The cost of demolition to taxpayers is [approximately $20,000]."

The HGTV star continued, "The City has spent time and resources blocking our plan for restoration -- I have no answer for that. It's not a secret that I've highlighted examples of inept moves by the current administration. It's not a secret that I have asked for attention and funds to go towards North Minneapolis. I'm not a glorified TV STAR as some refer to me -- I'm a person who came forward with her money and a solution."