Reality vet Rebecca Cardon swears off sex for two months, says self-esteem at all-time high

Trainer and reality star Rebecca Cardon squatted her way through three seasons of Bravo’s series “Workout” and pushed her way to third place on “Amazing Race.” But she says that's nothing compared to her latest challenge.

Going two months without sex.

“Once I began having sex (at age 16) there was no break. I was always either in a relationship or hooking up with someone. The longest I ever went was a couple of weeks,” says Cardon, now 37.

You do the math.

Cardon, who is documenting her monkish existence on her personal blog – told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column: “My self-esteem has grown exponentially and now I can’t imagine going back to meaningless sex ever again. I have discovered a more fulfilling way to live that I never knew existed.”

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Cardon says celibacy is a lot easier than she thought it would be, and has taught her a lot about herself.

“I learned that I have many attributes outside of my appearance and my sexuality which I never really believed,” she said. “This requires you to dig deep and take an honest look at yourself which can be very painful. If you are ready to change, fundamentally change, then the 60 day sex cleanse could be for you.”

And according to Cardon, not being available as a bedroom companion has changed the kind of guy who is interested in her.

“It’s an interesting phenomenon, now that I have stopped seeking the attention, the more I receive,” Cardon mused. “But the type of men approaching me has shifted – older, more assured, successful men as opposed to the previous younger, insecure, lost souls.”

Or perhaps, in other words, guys who would rather just watch TV?