Reality show explores 'Teenage Newlyweds'

Marriage is a tough business at any age but what happens when teenagers get married? On average, women in the United States marry at 27 and men at 29.

FYI's new show "Teenage Newlyweds," focuses on several young couples who decided to tie the knot in their teens, like Halie and George.

"My family always teased me that I would get married young, but I don't know why because I never really planned on it until I met George," Halie, 18, told FOX411.

"Even when I met Halie I wasn't looking for a wife but [she] was the right person so we went for it," Halie's husband George, 21, added.

The newlyweds met while George was doing missionary work in Arizona through the Latter Day Saints church Halie attends. After four months of long-distance dating for the pair got engaged.

"I remember, he came over early one morning when I was visiting him in Utah, and he was making me breakfast, and I just had this moment where I was like, 'Okay, I'm going to marry him.'"

George admitted he knew "early on" in their relationship that he could marry Halie but it wasn't until "she dropped the bomb on me and said those words" that it confirmed in his mind she "was the one to marry, no doubt."

Their parents weren't completely shocked at their decision to marry.

"Right as I decided I was going to marry George, I texted my mom saying, 'I'm going to marry him,'" Halie recalled. "They trust us and they saw it coming. I think everybody was really excited for us."

It took a little longer for George's parents to get on board because of their age.

"My mom was a little skeptical at first... " George shared. "She told me I was stupid at first, but then she stepped back and realized how great a catch Halie is."

Though their friends and family are supportive of their union, they know TV audiences might have a less favorable view of their life choice.

"We've been seeing a little [backlash] already on social media but it doesn't bother me," George said. "I understand where people are coming from because we are so young, I get that. I just think we're excited for people to see our story and understand our background and where we're coming from."

Halie and George married in September and since then, they have learned a lot of new things about each other.

"I guess Halie and I dated completely long distance. It was four months of just visiting each other and then we got engaged so we had a lot of getting to know each other to do," George said. "We talked a lot but hadn't spent a substantial amount of time together so I've learned a lot about Halie since we get married, about how she handles problems and stress. It's not bad, it's great."

Halie added, "Well, George is a lot cleaner than I was expecting. When we were dating, it was kind of just like being on vacation together but now that we're together all the time, we're working, we have school, and we still have fun together, but we're learning how to handle all these different things going on in our lives."

What's their advice for other young couples?

"I would say just make sure you're really ready for such a big commitment and don't go in having the idea 'if it's hard, you can just get divorced,'" George said. "It's going to be hard. In the end, it's worth every minute."

Halie said it's important to know it's not all a fairytale.

"Forming a life together and working full time is hard but that's what marriage is, and you do it because you love someone and want to do that together."

"Teenage Newlyweds" premieres on FYI on May 31.

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