Prince Harry's New Girlfriend, and A Salt and Battery's Authentic Fish and Chips

This is what our world has come to:

Prince Harry reportedly has himself a new girlfriend — a brunette this time — named Camilla Thurlow (below). And things must be serious, because he's already taken her on a romantic cruise. You don't bring somebody on a cruise unless you're OK with letting her watch you binge at the buffet, is what we're saying. (Photo credit: The Halo Trust)

Speaking of delicious British dishes, when was the last time you had a really good plate of fish and chips? Lucky for you, we visited A Salt and Battery in New York City for the most authentic recipe on our continent. Watch how they make it in the video above. (And if you need a tutorial on deep-frying, be sure to )

Earlier this week, Selena Gomez challenged Chrissy Teigen to a dance-off from the front seat of a car. It was quite possibly the worst venue for a dance-off, but Selena probably figured she made up for it by wearing a skimpy bra top. Your move, Chrissy Teigen.

Actress and former Miss America crown-holder Vanessa Williams is reportedly being hounded by the IRS for nearly $370,000 in unpaid taxes. So maybe it's time to give back that Miss America crown, because really, there's nothing more American than desperately trying to avoid paying taxes.

The female half of the cast of "Friends" reunited on Wednesday night's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to perform a skit with Kimmel (below), and also to remind us that, hey, there's probably an actual rerun of "Friends" on TBS right now!

Speaking of "Friends," Warner Bros. is planning to open a pop-up Central Perk coffee shop — like the one from the series — in a Manhattan storefront this autumn. In addition to free coffee, the shop will offer fans the chance to sit on that big orange couch, and maybe rummage for any change that fell from Ross Gellar's pockets.

On Wednesday, ABC confirmed that Iowa farmer and former "Bachelorette" contestant Chris Soules has been chosen as the titular bachelor for their next season of "The Bachelor," where one lucky lady will narrowly avoid marrying Soules only to be offered her own season of "The Bachelorette."

Sanrio, the Japanese company that produces Hello Kitty merchandise, has "firmly" denied that their character was ever a cat but rather a human girl, possibly because Sanrio is losing their freaking marbles.

A spokesman for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie says the couple got married in France on Saturday, with their six children making up the bulk — if not the entirety — of the guest list. If that's true, George Clooney is probably crying in a corner someplace.

LeAnn Rimes is in a little bit of hot water after making a controversial remark (a rape joke) on the Joan Rivers web series "In Bed With Joan." But by now, we can probably stop prefacing any remarks from LeAnn Rimes with the word "controversial." That's pretty much a given at this point.

Former "SNL" funnyman and current late-night bandleader Fred Armisen is reportedly dating "Orange is the New Black" actress Natasha Lyonne. And judging by their taste in equally pronounced eyewear, they should make a great match.

Sources close to Nick Cannon claim that he's the one who ended his marriage because "the environment around Mariah [Carey] is toxic" to his kids. And they probably mean that figuratively, rather than implying that the aromas of Mariah's dozens of perfumes are hazardous to their kids' health. But who knows.

Emma Stone wore an extremely low-cut dress to the Venice premiere of her new film "Birdman." But can you really blame her? When you tell people you're in a movie about a Birdman, everybody just wants to get a good look at that Birdman! They could care less about you!

Gisele Bundchen donned appropriately skimpy attire for the launch her new intimates collection on Tuesday, wearing a dress that could have passed for lingerie itself. But maybe because she also had heels on, it was considered a dress? We have no idea anymore.

And finally, an "upscale" Denny's location in NYC is planning to start serving wine, beer and hard liquor, probably because most people can't stomach the thought of Philly Cheesesteak Omelets of Moons Over My Hammy while sober.