Paris Hilton's Ibiza Vacation, Jessica Szohr's 'Complicated' New Series, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's gabbing about at the water cooler:

• Judging by her Instagram account, Paris Hilton has been enjoying the beautiful weather of Ibiza in almost nothing but swimsuits for the past week (see one of her posts below). Then again, we might be exagerating just a bit, because she didn't wear a swimsuit in every post … she shared a few in a translucent dress, too!

• USA's new series "Complications" debuts Thursday night at 9 p.m., and it isn't your standard medical drama — a fact which Jessica Szohr makes abundantly clear in our exclusive interview above. Watch to see why the characters in "Complications" are a whole lot more complicated (i.e.: criminal) than their TV contemporaries.

• After a year and a half together, actress Charlize Theron as reportedly broken off her engagement to Sean Penn. Further details haven't really been provided, but we're hoping Charlize's decision didn't have anything to do with Penn's teenage slacker days (below). That's all in his past, dangit!

• According to sources for Us Weekly, "Walking Dead" co-stars Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney (Daryl and Beth) are dating in real life. It's probably because they now share an unshakeable bond that only two people who go through a tragedy can understand, even if that tragedy is a pretend zombie invasion or watching your pretend friends get eaten.

• As seen in one of her latest Instagram posts, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Nina Agdal split her pants during a workout session and nobody bothered to tell her for a full 20 minutes (below). But she didn't seem too bummed about it, probably because she quickly remembered that millions upon millions of people see much more of her butt on any given day.

• As Deadline reports, "Punk'd" and "Two and a Half Men" star Ashton Kutcher will be starring in a new Netflix comedy called "The Ranch" alongside his old "70s Show" co-star Danny Masterson. The show is set to debut sometime in 2016, which is when Kutcher will probably reveal that this whole thing was just an elaborate "Punk'd"-style prank on Masterson.

• Three pieces of Miley Cyrus' artwork — which were basically three different bedazzled versions of Caitlin Jenner's Vanity Fair magazine cover (below) — were auctioned off at the amfAR Inspiration Gala earlier this week for $69,000. And knowing Miley, we wouldn't be surprised if she somehow planned it that way.

• In an online interview with Reddit users on Wednesday, "Magic Mike XXL" actor Channing Tatum revealed that he jokingly nicknamed his penis "Gilbert." So now, any guys out there who also address their penises as Gilbert will now be seen as unimaginative copycats, no matter how long they've had a Gilbert in their pants. Thanks a lot, Tatum.

• Lady Gaga is sharing more bikini photos from her Bahamas vacation, presumably because she really wanted us to see her in a very skimpy thong by a palm tree (below). Either that, or Lady Gaga is trying to tell us that she's accidentally stranded herself on a stereotypical desert isle, and this is her seductive S.O.S. distress signal.

• A friend of late actor Paul Walker is being sued by Walker's estate for allegedly stealing a whole bunch of Paul's cars on the day following his death. It's truly a heinous, inexcusable act, although we must admit that it would make for a really cool first act in the next "Fast and Furious" movie.

• Madonna released a music video for her new single "Bitch I'm Madonna" on Wednesday, but only made it available to subscribers of Jay Z's new streaming service Tidal. It's a pretty risky move on Madonna's part, especially because anyone browsing YouTube already has access to this awesome "Bitch I'm Madonna" choreography video (lyrics NSFW), which is probably just as entertaining:

• And finally, Woody Harrelson will be portraying President Lyndon B. Johnson in an upcoming bio-pic directed by Rob Reiner that (at least If you as us) sounds like premium Oscar bait. Then again, it also sounds like something we'd watch while wondering, "Hey, why isn't Leonardo DiCaprio playing Johnson? He and LBJ basically have the same-shaped head."