Paris Hilton is Some Kind of Nude Mouse and Richard Blais Makes a Copycat In-N-Out Burger

Here's what's going on out there:

Judging by her recent Instagram activity, Paris Hilton has already attended Halloween bashes dressed as Minnie Mouse, a Playboy bunny, and what appears to be another, more scantily clad mouse (below). So this year, her theme is obviously "small, sexy rodents and/or field mammals that you wouldn't want infesting your garden."

It's getting a bit too cold to fire up the grill, so it's time to start flipping your burgers indoors. Better watch the video above to see how "Top Chef" champion Richard Blais makes an In-N-Out-style cheeseburger on the stove, complete with his own burger sauce.

Last week, "Glee" actress Naya Rivera wore a plunging Donna Karan gown to Brian Bowen Smith's "Wildlife" photo exhibit in West Hollywood (below), likely ensuring that nobody was looking at Brian Bowen Smith's "Wildlife" photo exhibit in West Hollywood.

Oprah Winfrey's driver accidentally ran over some lady's toes on Saturday. According to the woman, Oprah hopped out and said, "Well, that's worth a picture," because Oprah doesn't know how much toes actually cost to replace.

Actress Marcia Strassman, probably best known as Mr. Kotter's wife on "Welcome Back, Kotter," passed away on Friday at age 66. We're a bit surprised, actually, because after surviving Gake Kaplan's awful "uncle" jokes, we'd have thought she could survive anything:

Last Thursday, Cindy Crawford and her husband reportedly bought a $30,000 photograph of naked ladies wearing horse-head masks. As ridiculous as that is, it sure makes us feel a lot better about paying $50 for a photo of ourselves riding Splash Mountain at Disney World.

In Anjelica Huston's new memoir "Watch Me," the actress claims she was once headbutted and attacked by one-time boyfriend Ryan O'Neal. There's no way to end this entry on a lighthearted note, so we've decided to not even try. For that, we apologize.

The TLC network has canceled "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," likely because of the controversy surrounding Mama June's alleged decision to date a convicted child molester. They're still totally fine with the guys on "90-Day Fiance" buying brides from overseas, though.

This past Saturday on Instagram, Jessica Simpson debuted a new haircut she got at the Rita Hazan Salon. But it's only a teeny bit shorter and a teeny bit blonder, so you should only give it a teeny bit of attention, below:

Queen Elizabeth, 88, sent out her first tweet on Friday to announce the opening of an exhibit at London's Science Museum. Granted, it's not the most fascinating message, but it's a lot more interesting that our 88-year-old grandmather's first tweet, whereby she typed "find pot pie recipes" into our Twitter message box thinking it was "the Google."

Kelly Clarkson belted out a slower, more soulful rendition of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" at a concert in Buffalo (below), which Swift later saw on YouTube and retweeted with her stamp of approval. Your karaoke version of "Love Story," on the other hand, is unremarkable and remains unapproved by Taylor Swift. Stop singing that at bars.

Rumer Willis told Us Weekly that she was "frustrated" to learn her photos in the Franziska Fox lookbook had been Photoshopped to make her look thinner. In the same statement, though, she said she was fine with Photoshopping out a zit or "weird crease that you want to get rid of," so who knows what the heck she's talking about.

And finally, "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling will reportedly be releasing a new short story through her Pottermore website this October 31. It's said to focus on Harry's most boring adversary, Professor Dolores Umbridge, because by now, Rowling is confident we'll read whatever crap she feels like writing about. And we will all prove her to be correct.