'O.J. Made in America' is the longest film to ever win an Oscar

“O.J. Made in America” won the best documentary Oscar on Sunday, making it the longest film to ever win an Oscar at 467 minutes. The documentary was aired in five parts on ESPN and was also released in theaters.

Filmmaker Ezra Edelman told reporters backstage why people are still so interested in the O.J. case.

“It's an American story about these fundamental American themes, race, celebrity, class, gender, domestic abuse, the criminal justice system, the media. It's sports, sex, murder… It has everything,” he said. “And so I think that's why it's always going to be something that fascinates us, and I think there is a lack of resolution, considering what happened with the trial... so I think there is always going to be a sense of intrigue surrounding that story.”

In Edelman’s acceptance speech, he dedicated his award to Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

"I want to acknowledge that I wouldn't be standing here tonight if not for two people who aren't here: Ron Goldman, Nicole Brown," he said. "This is for them and their families. It is also for others: the victims of police violence, police brutality, racially motivated violence, and criminal injustice. This is their story as well as Ron and Nicole's. I am honored to accept this award on all their behalf.”