Night Ranger front man Jack Blades: Singing 'Sister Christian' never gets old

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Night Ranger frontman Jack Blades goes solo on his latest album, “Rock N’ Roll Ride,” and says the title is a great way to describe his crazy career.

“It sort of chronicles my 30 years on this crazy journey, this musical adventure that I’ve been on," he told  “It shows all my influences… whether it’s the Beatles, British metal, British rock, blues, Crosby Stills and Nash.”

The first single off the new collection, “Back in the Game,” was the inspiration for a special music video which had its exclusive worldwide premiere on Blades says the video carries a patriotic message, and he dedicated it to our servicemen and women throughout the world.

The album features special guests including his Night Ranger band mates Brad Gillis, Kelly Keagy, Joel Hoekstra, and Eric Levy.  He’ll reunite with them on the road with both Night Ranger and solo shows in store this year. And don't worry, “Sister Christian” will be on the set list!

“How can you get bored when you look out at the audience and… just grins across their face, their eyes, happy, singing 'Motoring,' how can you not get into that?” he asks. “It’s been 30 years we’ve been doing this, and every night I get up there and play and it’s like my first night.”

Night Ranger's music is reaching a whole new audience by being featured in Broadway's “Rock of Ages,” which is on its way soon to a movie theater near you.

“From this humble beginning to Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin on the big screen, I’m just so excited for the 'Rock of Ages' people," Blades said. "I’m so excited our music has become that whole sort of era of music, all through the early 80s, has gotten into the collective consciousness of society. And people just love singing along to those songs!”