Nicole Scherzinger's Swimsuit Snap, Taylor Swift's Anniversary Gift, and Much, Much More

Here's what's everybody's buzzing about:

• Just days after ABC announced she'd been cast in their televised "Dirty Dancing" remake, former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger shared a skimpy bikini photo with the hashtag #blessed (above). It's not clear if Scherzinger feels "blessed" for getting the role or simply for inhabiting that body, but it's nice to hear she's thankful either way.

• In honor of National Sauce Month — yes, it's National Sauce Month — we figured it might be nice to share our favorite recipe for a because who says "sauce" has to refer to tomatoes or savory condiments? Watch the clip below for the recipe, then celebrate Sauce Month like we do: completely sauced.

• During his appearance on "The View" this past Friday, "Fuller House" actor/producer John Stamos revealed that he's in a new relationship, but neglected to reveal the lucky lady's identity. The only logical conclusion, then, is that Stamos is dating someone he knows we won't approve of: i.e., Kimmy Gibbler.

• Taylor Swift's boyfriend Calvin Harris reportedly gifted her with an engraved golden locket in honor of their one-year anniversary (below). And on the inside of that locket? Swift hasn't revealed yet, but if it's anything other than a portrait of a cat, she and Harris clearly aren't meant for each other.

• The Disney's film "Zootopia" earned more than $73 million in its opening weekend, breaking the record previously held by "Frozen" (which earned $67.4 million) and giving Walt Disney Animation Studios its biggest opening weekend of all time. So now, maybe your kids will start quoting "Zootopia" for a while and finally stop singing "Let It Go" for five freaking seconds of their lives.

• Lady Gaga and fiancé Taylor Kinney participated in Chicago's annual Polar Plunge over the weekend, with Gaga piggybacking on Kinney's back as they marched into the freezing waters of Lake Michigan. Celebrity weatherman Al Roker also participated, but reportedly didn't piggyback atop Kinney and Gaga, even though — geez — wouldn't it be adorable if he did?

• Lady Gaga also announced that she'll be returning for another season of the FX anthology series "American Horror Story," in which she previously played a stylish hotel owner who was also sort of a vampire. So if she signed on again, her new character must be really good, like the a dog-show director that's also a mummy!

• And finally, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on Monday morning to flaunt her impressive post-baby body in a self-censored nude selfie (below). She also joked in the caption that she had "nothing to wear," presumably before running off to the closet to dress herself in something that offered even less coverage than those black bars.