Nick Lachey has a new album out called “A Father’s Lullaby,” and the title is pretty self-explanatory. It’s filled with a mix of originals and covers of children’s songs crooned by the ex- 98 Degrees lead singer. He spoke to FOX 411 about becoming a Dad and his future baby plans.

FOX 411: So we don’t really need to ask who inspired this album.
Lachey: Yeah it’s pretty obvious! Obviously, it was inspired by my little guy and all the feelings that came along with finding out you’re pregnant and watching him being born, just a very emotional time. It was a great way to channel all that into music.

FOX 411: Were you in the delivery room?
Lachey: I was. It was surreal but one of the coolest things to ever see in your life. You’re there with the woman you love, she’s giving birth to your child. It’s a pretty magical thing.

FOX 411: Tell us about the album.
Lachey: It’s either songs that I wrote or songs that are meaningful to me. For instance “You are my Sunshine,” was a song my grandfather used to sing to me as a kid. “God Speed” is a Dixie Chicks song that I’ve always loved. “When You Wish Upon A Star” is a classic that I grew up with so they all have meaning. Obviously the most special are the ones I wrote because they’re from the heart.

FOX 411: How old is Camden?
Lachey: Seven months, he’s laughing and talking and sitting up. He’s just getting really expressive. He’d gotten into the belly laugh stage.

FOX 411: Would it kill you if he says, “Daddy, please stop singing to me?”
Lachey: That would sting a little bit but he also has to be his own person. Whatever he’s feeling I’ve got to respect him on some level.

FOX 411: How is Vanessa doing?
Lachey: I think she went through a bit of what she calls the baby blues. I think for women you’ve got all the hormonal changes, the breastfeeding. It’s a lot to contend with especially your first time. She’s doing great though. She’s a natural as a mother.

FOX 411: Do you want more kids?
Lachey: I think we’ve talked about two more but if the next one is a girl it may be tempting to just have one of each. In a perfect world we’d have a couple of boys and then finish off with a daughter. If I can orchestrate that I’d be good.