Alicia Jay's friends are having a hard time understanding why the 36-year-old is saving herself for marriage.

The 6-foot-6-inch star of TLC's "My Giant Life" complained to her girlfriends about the perils of dating as a virgin.

"When do you introduce that you're a virgin? How do you even address that," Alicia's friend asks her in an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming episode.

Alicia explains "that's one of the hardest parts" when it comes to dating.

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"You don't want to tell it too early," she says. "If you say it [right away], no one even wants to get to know me."

She added, "I've been on first dates where it does come up. Yeah, I'm a virgin. I'm waiting to have sex until I'm married and the whole conversation changes and it's done."

Watch what happens in the clip above when her friends question her decision.

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