'My Giant Life' star Alicia Jay stands tall in her faith

When Alicia Jay first heard of TLC's "My Giant Life" she took offense with the show's title. Standing at six foot six inches, the 36-year-old was bullied growing up for her tall stature and was often called a "giant."

It was only after watching the show did Alicia begin to realize "giant" was a positive thing.

"The word 'giant' was really hard for me to get over because that was one of the words used to bully me as a kid," Alicia told Fox News. "But one day my mom said, 'You do live a giant life. You live a really giant life and have giant goals.' I realized the description is actually accurate."

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Today, Alicia lives out every aspect of her life in a "giant" way. The reality star, who joins the cast of "My Giant Life" for Season 3, is "giant" in her faith, aspirations and life goals.

She decided to join the TLC show in order to help others who might be bullied for their height or any other reason.

"I was very depressed as a teenager and there were times that I do not remember because I was that depressed," she told us.

But when she met other tall women in college she realized her height is actually a gift.

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"I started loving my height, embracing it... I am who God created me to be and I stand tall in who I am," she shared.

Faith is a huge part of Alicia Jay's life and it is her Christian values that led to her decision to remain a virgin until her wedding night. She has been dubbed the "world's tallest virgin."

"Faith is the driving force in my life and without God, I wouldn't be anything," she said. "He is the center and he leads me in anything that I do."

At 36, Alicia is still waiting for the right guy to come along. She says dating is very hard for her not only because of her height, but also because she is a virgin.

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"In general, it's really hard to date right now but you add in height and waiting to have sex for marriage and guys run for the hills," she said. "The virginity thing, I'm just here to say it's still an option because a lot of people don't even think it's an option anymore."

"I've been on some crazy dates which you'll see a little bit of on the show," she teased.

Watch Alicia Jay on "My Giant Life" Sunday nights on TLC.

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