Miss Kentucky skips her graduation for the Miss USA Competition

Miss Kentucky Madelynne Myers was double booked for two momentous events in her life this weekend.

She will be skipping her graduation from Vanderbilt University to compete in the 2017 Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas. She tells Fox how she made the decision saying, “I sat down with my mom and I realized, you know, graduation represents a closing of doors. Miss USA is a chance for me to open up a huge opportunity, if not a career, a lifestyle.”

The 22-year-old concentrated in molecular and cellular biology with the hopes of being a pediatric trauma surgeon. She said she went through some back-and-forth to convince her professors to let her squeeze in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


She told her professors, “I kind of took on a new job, it’s gonna involve me flying everywhere every weekend, do you mind not making exams on Mondays?”

A Lexington native, Myers started competing in pageants in high school and won Miss Kentucky in January. She recalled always being in the library at her all-girls school.

She believes the medical field suffers from gender inequality, and she would like to bridge that gap. Myers admires stars like Emma Watson who are fighting to end gender inequality.

Women representing every state and the District of Columbia are participating in the Miss USA pageant on Sunday.

Last year’s winner Deshauna Barber, who represented the District of Columbia, was the first military member to win the crown, serving in the Army.

The competition will air live on FOX on Sunday.