Miranda Kerr tweets topless shot after Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom dust-up

What in the Sam Hill is going on here?

After news had spread around the globe that her ex-husband, Orlando Bloom, and her once-rumored fling, Justin Bieber, got into a fight at a club in Ibiza, Spain early Wednesday morning, Miranda Kerr tweeted, what else -- a topless picture of herself in a bathtub.

But wait, there's more.

Kerr's ex, Bloom, is now reportedly hanging out in Ibiza, Spain with one Erica Packer, the estranged wife of billionaire James Packer.

So what, you say?

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Kerr is rumored to have been dating Mr. Packer!

TMZ is also saying that Kerr's lawyers made it very clear back when the Kerr/Bieber hook-up whispers began in 2012 after a Victoria's Secret fashion show that Kerr and Bieber were never anything more than acquaintances, and that any story to the contrary would be considered defamatory.

(Kerr and Bloom were still married then. They divorced a year later.)

According to The New York Post, Bieber and Bloom got physical in Ibiza after Bieber made a comment about Kerr.

Bieber's people said Bloom started it, and Bieber made a comment only after he was provoked.

Bieber then Instagrammed a bikini shot of Kerr, before deleting it.

Good times.

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