Mila Kunis Gushes About Upcoming Marine Corps Ball: I'm Excited!

At the New York City premiere of her new film “Friends with Benefits”  Monday, actress Mila Kunis gushed that she’s “excited” for the Marine Corps. Ball in November.

“It’s still a couple of months away… But I’m excited, yes,” she told us on the red carpet.

Looking stunning in a red gown, she explained that while she is excited, she hasn’t quite gone dress shopping yet.

“I barely know what I’m wearing right now,” she joked. “Just relax everybody.”

The 27-year-old actress, says her date to the ball, Sgt. Moore is “incredibly gutsy” for asking her out via the Internet.

“I was flattered. I thought it was incredibly gutsy,” she says. “I’d never been asked out before, so it was nice.”