Mike Rowe asks fans to help find do-gooders for new Facebook show 'Returning the Favor'

Mike Rowe asked his fans to help him find people to feature on his new show "Returning the Favor."

Rowe, who is the former host of "Dirty Jobs," revealed his plans to create a new show for Facebook in which he finds people who help their communities and in return does "something decent for them."

"Like most everything I’ve done historically, I’m relying on viewers to help me program the show," McHale wrote on Facebook late Monday night.

Rowe explained the concept behind the show is to "find people who are doing something decent in their community, and do something decent for them – something that allows them to do more of whatever it is they're already doing."

Rowe said he needs help from his fans to find people to feature on the show.

"If you know of someone slightly better than average – someone determined to make the world a less divisive, more inhabitable, or slightly improved place – tell me about them here."

He concluded, "And please, hurry."