Mike Holmes helps deserving families become 'Home Free'

TV host and celebrated contractor Mike Holmes knows a thing or two about fixing up houses. And this summer, he plans to share that knowledge with viewers of his new feel-good renovation series on FOX.

In “Home Free,” Holmes works with nine couples, who are all competing to win their dream home. Along the way, he promises viewers—as well as the couples on the show—will learn a lot about how to renovate.

“There is no doubt in my mind that viewers are going to learn along the way,” Holmes told FOX411. “Each of the houses are totally different problems, so I could teach you what you need to know, as a viewer watching. All along the way you are learning new products.”

But the best part of the show, Holmes said, is the fact that the homes he is working on are gifted to deserving families.

“It always is emotional. I care about people, so I want to help people. I feel really good that we worked super hard, 24-hours a day and at the end of the week, I am giving that house away to a deserving family. That feels good.”

He promised the series will be family friendly.

“I love the show. This is a really feel-good— this is the mom and dad, kids sit-down and watch— show. Why? We’re bringing nine deserving families—nine couples—that are coming in to compete to win a home.”

He said being on the show was no easy task for the couples who opted to compete in his dream home giveaway competition.

“They’ve got to step into my world…. They’re gonna learn from me. They’re gonna learn dry wall. They’re gonna learn flooring, tiles, trim, you name it, construction, and they don’t know anything about construction. From morning till night, they sleep on the job site,” he said. “They have to be there. They have no communication, no cell phones, no family. They tell me ‘it’s Renovation Boot Camp with Mike Holmes,’ that’s what they said.”

Holmes said the competition gets fierce because every American is enthralled with the idea of winning a free house.

“In the long-run they are battling it out for the biggest thing, to be home free. Every American wants a home and if they can get it for free, they’re gonna work really hard for it,” he said. “My job is to make sure they earn it.”

He said at the end of the day, the most important thing is making sure the homes his group fixes up go to families who need them.

“The one thing about this is, not only are all the contestants learning and going through the opportunity of a life time, but there is a family out there that deserves a home and they get it.”

“Home Free” premieres on FOX on July 22.