Mayim Bialik reflects on life changes on 'Big Bang Theory'

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[SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains information about Thursday's episode of 'The Big Bang Theory.']

On Thursday night’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory” Mayim Bialik and Jim Parson’s characters, Amy and Sheldon, had sex for the first time during their seasons-long courtship.

The modest actress took to her website, Grok Nation, to reflect on the major life event for the characters. The star also discussed how the plotline of Amy and Sheldon’s first time was heavily covered in the press ahead of the episode’s airing.

“… I had a lot of mixed and complicated feelings,” Bialik explained of the sex scene. “And while many of you were excited to learn that this physical connection between Amy and Sheldon was coming, many of you were also upset that the surprise was ruined with so much coverage.”

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She blogged some of the questions leading up to the episode’s airing, which focused on how the two would have sex, made her uncomfortable.

“First of all, the episode – and our show – are not about vulgarity as a mainstay. Our writers are sensitive people. They didn’t write an episode about sex to be raunchy or bawdy. They wrote an episode about sexual intimacy in a committed, loving relationship between two characters people have known and loved for years,” Bialik explained.

Bialik said leading up to the episode, she was asked repeatedly whether or not the sex between the characters was good and if her character was “ravished.”

She emphasized those questions were not the focus of the episode.

“It’s not important. That’s not what this episode was about. It’s actually not what the first time you have sex is about either… So I think Sheldon was as good in bed as Amy needed him to be!”

As for details about the characters’ sex life, Bialik said she wasn’t interested in thinking about that.

“What happened between Amy and Sheldon was very special and as an actress, I didn’t feel the need to make the details of my mind or of Jim’s mind or our writers’ minds more public than what we chose to show you in that sweet, funny, awesome episode,” she wrote.

The actress said she thinks fans can learn a lot from “The Big Bang Theory” episode.

“I hope you enjoyed the episode and that whatever you think about how sex was for Amy and Sheldon, you remember that even though it’s just a TV show, it can still teach us a lot. It teaches me all the time.”

The star also live-tweeted during the episode on Thursday and revealed a few behind-the-scenes details about the highly anticipated scene.

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