Mariah Carey to Lionel Richie on possible 'American Idol' gig: 'Don't do it'

Mariah Carey has some advice to Lionel Richie and other celebrities thinking of joining the "American Idol" reboot.

The singer spoke to ET Monday night and seemed to warn Richie about joining judges' panel for the show's revival.

"I would say, don't do it," Carey told ET when asked about rumors that Richie would be joining the singing competition show.

Carey quickly clarified that she was "only kidding," adding, "If he wants to do it, that'll be great. I think he would be really good at it."


Richie is currently working with Carey on her "All The Hits" tour.

He is reportedly a front-runner for a judge's slot on "American Idol." Katy Perry has confirmed she will be a judge the series.

Carey, judged "Idol" during season 12, hasn't hid her dislike for the program, once calling it the "most abusive experience." She famously clashed with fellow judge Nicki Minaj during her season.

"I don't even know what reality is, literally," Carey said in an interview last August.


She explained to ET Monday night the only reason she would advise Richie to not take the gig was because of her own bad experience.

"Yeah, they just were trying to foil me when I went on there," Carey said. "So, you know, that's the only reason why I say that [to Richie]."

Ryan Seacrest announced in July he will be returning to host "American Idol."

"I don’t know if you've ever been in a 15 year relationship and then for a reason you really don’t know you break up, and I thought 'gosh it’d be great to get back together at some point,'" Seacrest said during his announcement on "Live with Kelly and Ryan!"