Lily Aldridge's Lui Magazine Cover, Leonardo DiCaprio's Rumored New Squeeze, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the fuss is about:

• Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated model Lily Aldridge posed nude for the latest cover of Lui magazine (above), wearing nothing but a pair of heeled red boots and a furry maroon coat (kinda). It really makes you wonder who this Lui guy is, and how he manages to get these women to strip for him. He's doing alright for himself, isn't he?

• In an Instagram message he posted on Tuesday, Rob Kardashian hinted that he's abandoning his family because they don't like his girlfriend Blac Chyna. (“When the [sex] good but your family don’t like her so you drop your family and become an orphan," he wrote.) That said, one wonders if Rob shared this thought whilst lounging in the $2 million home his mother just purchased for him.

• As she does most weeks, LeAnn Rimes posted another "Tight Tush Tuesday" photo to Instagram in order to update her followers on the status of her tush (below). So in other words, LeAnn's Instagram posts are exactly like the president's annual State of the Union addresses, but more frequently, and with butts.

• Speaking of ladies who like to stay active, fitness expert Simone De La Rue recently shared four of her favorite calorie-burning cardio exercises with Fox News Magazine. Watch her tutorial below for tips on staying trim, tight, and fit enough to hang from the roofing of your local lodging establishments:

• Some of the staff at Kensington Palace are threatening to strike over a proposed pay cut that would reduce their yearly earnings by up to $5,000. They shouldn't worry, though, because if anything happens to their paychecks, they can always make up the difference by stealing Will and Kate's royal trinkets and selling them on eBay.

• According to sources for Page Six, Leonardo DiCaprio was seen cozying up to British model Roxy Horner (pictured below) on two consecutive nights during his stay in London over the past week. And yet, for some inexplicable reason, we're all still hoping that DiCaprio finally earns an Oscar to validate his status as a bona-fide legend.

• Even though Rihanna cited bronchitis as the reason for canceling her Grammy appearance, sources are now saying that she was just "trying to avoid embarrassment" because she didn't think her performance could compare with the other artists'. It's just too bad she couldn't have seen Pitbull's closing routine ahead of time.

• Earlier this week, Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine debuted a newly finished full-back tattoo, which pictures a surly winged mermaid cradling a disembodied skull (below). But we have to ask: Can we really consider a full-back tattoo "finished" if there are no flames or Grim Reapers to be seen? We think not. Get back in that chair, Adam.

• VH1 is planning to resurrect the now-defunct reality series "America's Next Top Model," which originally aired on the CW and finished its final "cycle" last December. Tyra Banks, however, will not be returning to host, so expect one of VH1's frequent TV personalities to fill in for the time being. (We're looking at you, Mark McGrath!)

• And finally, on a recent episode of "The Late Late Show," Dr. Phil McGraw opined that Kanye West's bizarre behavior on Twitter is just a ploy for attention. So once again, Dr. Phil's vast understanding of the human psyche has cracked an impossible enigma!