Kirstie Alley Loses Shoe: Who Is the Most Cursed 'Dancing With the Stars' Contestant?

"Dancing With the Stars" doesn't seem to be going so well for Kirstie Alley.

First, George Lopez compared her to a pig. Then, she took a tumble last week, and on Monday, her high heel fell off during her live waltz.

"Honestly, there were several mistakes that I made before that but when he spun me, my shoe just came off," she told People of partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. "I could have danced barefoot but it was hooked to my ankle so I couldn't get it off and I couldn't keep it on."

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Last week, Alley and Chmerkovskiy were dancing the rumba to "Over the Rainbow" when he tumbled while holding Alley, who also fell to the floor.

But the funny lady and "Cheers" alum has managed to retain her sense of humor.

"I do think it's a conspiracy," she joked to People after the shoe incident. "I think that the other girls came into my dressing room and tampered with my shoe. And I'm not going to name any names ... Petra [Nemcova]."

The actress gracefully recovered from both incidents (Sugar Ray Leonard was sent home on Tuesday), but we have to wonder: From Alley to Jewel to Holly Madison, let us know: Who is the most cursed "Dancing With the Stars" contestant?