Kim Kardashian robbery story raises questions, experts say

Kim Kardashian said she was robbed at gunpoint of roughly $10 million in jewelry at the exclusive Hotel Pourtales in the wee hours Monday morning in Paris. Local police are investigating the incident, but a couple of security abnormalities already have people wondering about the events that allegedly transpired.

TMZ reported a source close to the situation said “there was no surveillance video inside or outside the hotel premises. The only video available is police surveillance footage.” This raised a red flag with private investigator Patricia E. D’Orsa-Dijamco.

“It is especially odd that a hotel where celebrities stay and supposedly is so secret you can only book a room if you have a login on their website, but you cannot readily locate the hotel's website or telephone number, does not have security cameras,” D’Orsa-Dijamco told FOX411. “Security cameras, as well as online remote monitoring, are very inexpensive.”

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Former undercover DEA agent and author of “Deep Cover,” Michael Levine, is also skeptical.

“They (Hotel Pourtales) may claim it is because high profile stars are camera shy,” Levine said. “But let them tell you this, and point out to them that the lack of camera surveillance may also be grounds for a lawsuit blaming the whole incident on lax security.”

Levine said the reported lack of video security “also fits in with a publicity stunt, people setting up a whole scammed robbery, and/or someone on the inside knowing the weakness and exploiting it into for the robbery and/or scam.”

Video security or not, many are also asking why someone with $10 million in jewelry in their room wouldn’t have an armed guard or two outside.

Farley Cahen owns the high end body jewelry site He says the lack of security guards makes no sense. "Any jeweler will tell you that if you loan somebody that amount of goods security measures are in place,” Cahen said. “It doesn't sound like there was a vault in the room. It would've cost less than $1,000 for the night to have armed guards outside the door or even in the apartment. All very questionable."

FOX411 reached out to a rep for Hotel Pourtales who said in an email: “At this stage, I confirm to you that there won't be any comment at all from the hotel staff."

We also reached out to the Paris police department but did not receive comment.

Kardashian's rep has not commented on the investigation since releasing a statement saying Kardashian was shaken up, but had not been physically harmed. She has since flown from Paris to New York where she was reunited with her husband Kanye West, who cut short a concert when he was informed of the incident.