Kim Kardashian: Naked, drunk woman tried to break into my hotel room

A drunken naked woman scared pregnant Kim Kardashian by trying to kick in the star’s hotel room door in the South of France.

The reality star and businesswoman, appearing at the Cannes Lions festival on Wednesday, said she’d had no sleep: “There was a woman knocking on a hormonal pregnant woman’s door, namely me, at 4 in the morning — not knocking but banging and kicking, and I couldn’t go back to sleep afterwards, and she was naked,” Kim said.

She added, “So I screamed profanities at her and told her to put some clothes on and get off my door, but she kept using her AmEx as the key. She had no idea it was my room.”

Kim had tweeted in the early hours, “Thanks to the drunk naked woman banging on my door, I have now been up since 4am…I took a fun video of her as a reminder of why I never tolerated drinking 2 much!…She thought her Amex was my room key lol.” She told the Cannes audience that she decided not to post the video, adding, “I hope she’s not here in this room.”

Kim, who is a few months pregnant and is expecting a baby boy, was in Cannes to talk to the elite of the ad and creative world about her mobile video game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. A year in, the game, created with Glu, has had 22 million installs, streamed a billion sessions and 90 million purchases for clothes and products. They have just signed a deal with Karl Lagerfeld to sell Chanel items on the platform.

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star said the game reflects her life: “The game is you just want to make it in Hollywood, you want to make it to the A-list and get as many fans and followers and cool wardrobes as possible … we really mirror my real life, and make it in real time.”

Wearing a Balmain black caped suit with gold piping, Kim said her husband, Kanye West, with whom she already has daughter North, had persuaded her to get into the gaming business: “I wouldn’t say it was risky, but it was new territory for me to go into the gaming space … I had just had my daughter and I just wasn’t sure I really wanted to be working this much, and I wanted to be sure I could give it 100 percent. It was actually my husband that talked me into it, he loves video games.”

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