Kim Kardashian accused of altering photos from nude desert photoshoot

Fans are upset with Kim Kardashian for sharing several photos from a nude photoshoot in which the star appears slimmer than she did at the time of the shoot.

Kardashian appears completely nude except for some strategically-placed white body paint as she strikes a pose in a desert.

The photoshoot was captured on a recent episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and some fans were quick to notice the difference in the reality star's appearance.

"This is old and incredibly photoshopped as well," a user named @m.ssamanda wrote. "She was not this thin in the episode when she had these taken. It's just a fact."

However, not everyone believe the photos were edited. One Twitter user defended Kardashian saying, "99% sure these are legit different photos. Angles of approach and background depictions are totally off. Probs not photoshop."

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