While Kid Rock is happy Al Franken is no longer in office, the rock star said it was "wrong" for the former Minnesota senator to resign over allegations of sexual harassment.

In an exclusive sneak peek obtained by Fox News of the singer's appearance on "CMT Hot 20 Countdown" interview, Rock explained he thinks Franken's behavior didn't warrant his resignation.

Franken was accused by several women of inappropriate sexual behavior after TV host Leeann Tweeden shared a photo of the former comedian pretending to grab her breasts while she was sleeping during a USO tour.

"I don't like anything about Al Franken or his politics," the singer told CMT. "But I'd say that's ridiculous. He's a comedian, he's making a joke."

Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, said that he knows Tweeden after having been on several USO tours with her and that she's "lovely."

"[But], I don't think the guy should have resigned over that. As much as I'm glad that he did, politically speaking, I think it was wrong," he explained.

The 47-year-old also spoke to CMT about his decision not to run for office. Rock had teased a possible run for Senate late last year but told CMT he never really intended to do it.

"Man, it scared the crap out of the Democrats," he said with a laugh. "I'm like, 'When should we tell people I'm just joking?' People [were] like, 'You can really win.' 'I'm like, 'Cut it out.' Like I'm going to give up my day job? C'mon man!"

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