Kevin Hart isn't interested in going after Trump despite Kathy Griffin jab, source says

Kathy Griffin had a lot to say Wednesday when the actress and comedian attacked Kevin Hart for not going after President Trump in his stand-up shows, and Hart's fans were furious, springing to his defense. But a source said Hart isn't bothered by the jab.

Social media users quickly condemned Griffin, 57, for the comments she made to USA Today in which she slammed Hart for not going after Trump.

Griffin, who famously posed with a fake severed head of Trump, said: “I personally think that's a p---- move because he's a black man. But I guess he's selling more tickets than I ever will."

But a source close to the funnyman revealed Hart is doubling down on his decision not to speak about the president in the wake of her statements.

“Kathy is the last person on Kevin’s mind, believe me,” a source close to Hart told Fox News. “Everyone has something to say about Donald Trump, and that’s the reason Kevin isn’t speaking on him. Kevin honestly feels the Trump bits are overused and knows that people are tired of the political banter from comedians.”

After the Griffin interview was published, one fan responded by saying Hart being a “black man who doesn’t mention [Trump] in his act is exactly why he is successful and people like him. He’s able to use comedy to unite and make people laugh instead of alienating half the population.”

“[What] does Kevin Hart being black have to do with this?” asked another user. “Some of the dumbest hot takes on race and politics come from white liberals.”

The 38-year-old actor and comedian has made a living connecting with his audience in an intimate way, which the source says is exactly why he's incentivized to avoid politics in his act.

“Going after people isn’t Kevin’s style, and he isn’t into telling people what they should or shouldn’t think about the president,” the source added. “Kevin would much rather stick to what he already does well, and that’s telling jokes that resonate with people on a personal level.”